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How to recover damaged Outlook Express folders?

Recovering messages from corrupted Outlook Express DBX files with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express

The Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express tool (download) is a powerful software tool that allows the user to recover lost messages from corrupted Outlook Express folders. Such problems often result from virus attacks, power failures or incorrect operations made by applications and especially antivirus software.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express extracts and saves the user's messages from files with the dbx extension that Outlook Express uses to store folders, messages and news on the local disk. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is the DBX extractor tool.

Besides, Outlook Express recovery tool (OE recovery) can be used to reindex large *.dbx files, which helps Outlook Express to start working normally again. In this case, its function is to extract the user's correspondence from a corrupted .dbx file and to save messages to separate files of the *.eml format (RFC822 standard) after that. Later, these messages can be easily copied to a new empty folder created in Outlook Express.

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How can I open dbx files?

Also, the OE recovery tool has an additional feature: it can undelete messages accidentally deleted from the Outlook Express Deleted items folder. The OE recovery program will probably be able to undelete messages permanently deleted from the Deleted items folder.

How to recover Outlook Express?

It is possible to view and save correspondence recovered by Outlook Express recovery tool as message files with the *.eml extension (RFC822 standard). This format of messages is supported by most popular mail clients. For example, you can use Outlook Express to open and view .eml files. You can also easily copy (or move) a message in the *.eml file to Outlook Express folders or to other programs supporting this standard.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express has an intuitive, really user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, the recover Outlook Express tool features a comfortable and functional Recovery Wizard for recovering corrupted Outlook Express data. With the Recovery Wizard of the email recovery tool, you will quickly (in five recovery steps) and easily (you will not need any special knowledge to use Outlook Express Inbox repair tool) recover your data. Using the Recovery Wizard, you will study the sequence and the essence of operations performed in order to recover data with the recover Outlook Express tool. Later, you will be able to recover data information from corrupted *.dbx files yourself, without the Recovery Wizard.

Outlook Express Inbox repair tool

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express supports previewing the message bodies being recovered and stored in .dbx files (including corrupted dbx files). They are viewed in the lower frame of the main window of the OE recovery program. It is possible to view attached files only in Outlook Express. To do it, move recovered and saved messages with attachments to Outlook Express first. It is possible to preview message bodies only in the registered version of the recover Outlook Express tool.

The Outlook Express Inbox repair tool can recover Outlook Express data from *.dbx files in the batch mode. When the Email recovery program recovers correspondence from .dbx files in the batch mode (for example, Inbox.dbx), messages are extracted from dbx files by the dbx extractor and immediately saved to the hard drive of your computer (Outlook Express Inbox repair). The batch mode will be useful if you need to recover, fix and dbx extract a large number of files. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is Outlook Express fix tool.

Outlook Express fix

When Outlook Express fix tool is started, it is ready to process the current user's *.dbx files. The tool will automatically find the path to the folder where the current user's .dbx files are stored, but it does not exclude the possibility of recovering dbx files where data from other identities of the current user or from other users' *.dbx files is stored. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express (Outlook Express Inbox repair tool) has a special features that searches for dbx files for Outlook Express fix.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is reliable protection for your correspondence against losses and damages resulting from incorrect operations of applications, virus attacks, antivirus software and power failures. The email recovery software don't use any third part tools to open dbx file of Outlook Express.

Summary about Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express:

The Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express tool is used to:

  • recover lost messages from corrupted Outlook Express folders
  • recover corrupted Outlook Express folders (.dbx files)
  • the DBX extractor undelete messages permanently deleted by accident from the Deleted items folder
  • the DBX extractor export correspondence to the eml format (a common format for mail messages) and move message to another computer
  • read and view information stored in .dbx and .dbt files (including corrupted dbx files)

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express supports:

  • working with dbx files for Outlook Express versions 5, 5.5 and 6 (when Outlook Express Inbox corrupt)
  • recovering dbx files in the batch mode (extracting messages from dbx files and immediately saving them to the disk)
  • recovering data from Outlook Express *.dbx files up to 4GB in size
  • recovering corrupted Outlook Express *.dbx files up to 2GB in size
  • Outlook Express Inbox repair tool running under all Windows operating systems starting from Windows 98 (Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003)

Some Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express peculiarities:

  • obligatory attachment recovery
  • verifying the integrity of messages before including them in the recovery list
  • open dbx files without use DAO
  • open dbx files without use ADO
  • open dbx files without use CDO
  • open dbx files without use any third part tools
How open dbx file?

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is a powerful program, that permits to retrieve lost messages from corrupted files of Outlook Express format. This tool is very easy to use, it extracts user's data from files of dbx format with minimal user intervention. Email is very important for business, if one day you cannot access your mailbox, it can be corrupted, and it may affect your business. Mailbox failures are more often, than you think, dbx format is rather unstable, when comparing to another email clients. However, Outlook Express is more popular, because it turns simple mail exchange into a powerful tool for communication. Email can also replace file archives, because a great number of users use their mailboxes to store messages, contacts and agreements, that were received as email attachments and so on. In such cases, email is critical for your business and its loss should be prevented at all costs.

The problem is that there are a lot of ways to prevent mailbox corruption, but it is very difficult to fix data corruption, when it is already happened. You may think, that it is easier to prevent mailbox corruption. From the one hand, you're absolutely right, if you will succeed with this, all of your messages are in safety. In the same time, it may be difficult for beginners, because preventive measures usually include firewall, antivirus, backup, UPS and so on. Why you should waste your precious time for all of this? You may work as an accountant or a sec and your computer skills are not so good. On the other hand, these measures cannot guarantee, that your mailbox will be in safety. In spite of firewalls and other preventive measures, one day you may see an error, when trying to access your mailbox in Outlook Express format. If you see this error for the first time, do not panic. In spite of the fact, that it may be critical for your business, no need to worry, because we know a way, how to help you. How open dbx file, how open dbx files, how can I open a dbx file and how to repair Inbox in Outlook Express? Inbox repair Express is much easier with dbx file recovery tool, try recovery Outlook Express dbx now and make sure, that Outlook Express inbox repairing tool and Outlook Express mailbox repair tool work faster.

DBX file repair tool

We advise trying Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Outlook Express 6 Inbox repair tool, Outlook Express Inbox repair utility, inbox.dbx repair tools and Outlook Express recovery toolbox. This Inbox repair tool dbx, Outlook Express Inbox fix, inbox repair tool Express and dbx recovery Outlook Express is one of the easiest solutions, that can be found on the market. This tool includes a lot of helpers, that can assist users during the process. For example, you can try its Recovery Wizard, it helps to move through all steps of the process without any difficulties. Please move the cursor to any object, you will see a prompt message, that briefly describes this object. If it is not enough, we recommend to take a look at online user's guide for Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express, it can be found here. On this webpage, you can find detailed description of all steps, that should be performed to complete the process. If you have any questions after this, we recommend contacting our support service, our engineers will try to respond all requests in twenty-four hours. Feel free to participate in the process and send us your opinion about Outlook Express inbox.dbx repair tool, what do you think about this program for recover Outlook dbx files, Outlook Express reindex and recovery OE? Is it possible to improve some features and is it really needed? There are a lot of various improvements, that were put after the requests of our customers. For example, you can use Search .dbx files function to find your mailbox in dbx format. Of course, it can be done with onboard search engine of Microsoft Windows, but Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express makes it faster and easier. How can I open dbx files and how to open Inbox.dbx? Recovering Outlook Express Inbox, restoring lost Outlook Express inbox and reindex Outlook Express are much faster with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express dbx file repair tool, Outlook Express Inbox.dbx repair, Inbox repair tool for Outlook Express and Outlook Express inbox recovery tool will work with any currently supported version of Outlook Express under Microsoft Windows operating system. Its small size and simplicity for users are ones of the most important advantages. Feel free to download Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express to fix Outlook Express inbox corrupted issues and to remove corrupted Outlook Express files, recovery Outlook dbx, fix Inbox Outlook Express and recover OE, demo version is free for anyone, there are no restrictions. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is a reliable guard for your mails, please register your copy of this program to remove limitations of free demo version. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Outlook Express inbox repair tools, recovering dbx, OE inbox repair and Inbox.dbx repair tool supports extraction of eml format, all emails will be saved separately to any folder, previously selected by user. When it is done, you can either open all emails separately or select several mails and drag this group to Outlook Express. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express does not modify the input file, it permits trying another data recovery service to compare the results. Owing to preview mode, our customers always see, which messages will be extracted for sure, it is a good option for those, who needs to make sure, that the program work before paying for fixing of corrupted Outlook Express folders, corrupted Outlook Express file, Outlook Express lost Inbox messages and dbx Outlook Express recovery.

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